WindSkating is Easy! Thousands of People have learned the basics of WindSkating with under five minutes of instruction. The lightness of the sail and the low friction of the skate wheels make it easy for intermediate skaters on up to learn. Here are some basics.

How to WindSkate. Hold the WindSkate with one hand on each pole or both hands on the Cross-bar. With the wind at your back, angle to the left or right and position Leading pole as the Mast, straight up and down, and Trailing pole as the Boom, more parallel to ground. Rest Boom foam pad against inside leg.

As you angle across wind with Leading pole ‘Mast’ straight up and down, pull Trailing pole ‘Boom’ against wind to gain speed. To slow down let out on pressure in Trailing pole ‘Boom’ or flip entire WindSkate above your head and turn into the wind.

Where to WindSkate. Empty parking lots, playgrounds and bike paths make excellent WindSkate locations. New or smooth surfaces are recommended for smooth sailing with less friction. Area should be free of wind deflecting obstacles such as buildings, trees or walls.

Caution With WindSkate. You should be a competent outdoor skater before you attempt to WindSkate. Wear protective clothing including knee pads, wrist guards, gloves, elbow pads, and a HELMET. Skate only in areas free of traffic and debris and be wary of sudden changes in the wind that may upset your ride.


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